About us

For over 50 years, our company has been specialized in selling artificial glass eyes.
As a family-based company, our goals have always been top quality, personal customer support and fast service.


Our very large selection covers a wide range of different fields of application.
Thanks to our large stock, we can deliver very urgent orders promptly and a short notice.


Production and development

Produced by hand – Our eyes are entirely hand-made, from the glass blanks to the finished and painted eyes, with a brush, it is possible, among other things, to incorporate numerous little details into the eyes and thus give them a very natural expression. Many years of professional experience and the precision of a steady hand are necessary to guarantee identical pairs and to provide consistent color fidelity. None of our products are purely machine-made. This also allows us to react more quickly to individual customer requirements and to produce tailor-made designs in small quantities. 


Development and co-operation – In co-operation with renowned taxidermists and artists worldwide, we are constantly redeveloping and refining and thus improving our products. Thanks to the day-to-day business and our long-term experience, we are very familiar with our customers’ requirements and problems and their desire for authentic, lifelike products. Our product range already offers a very large selection of eyes in various qualities for any number of different applications. Nevertheless, we want to continue to work on new and innovative products to be able to offer the best possible quality using the newest technologies.